Welcome to a new era. Welcome to NEXOPART.

Strong. Trustworthy. And all from one source. NEXOPART marks the beginning of a new era in particle analysis. The birth of a new premium brand for laboratories around the world. The founders: two global players. The brand promise: "Simplicity for your lab". Together with the parent companies Haver & Boecker oHG and Hosokawa Alpine AG, NEXOPART now stands for simplifying the daily routine of laboratories all over the world. Two strong partners. One new brand.

Faster. Better. And from a single source.

One central contact. For you. For all.

You know best what the requirements of everyday laboratory work are. We know these challenges, too and have perfectly adapted our portfolio to meet them. With an established product portfolio, optimized ordering processes, faster delivery times and personal service, we are always there for you. Perfectly fitting, user-oriented solutions from a single source - that is our credo. Flexible, fast and simple!

A product portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired.

NEXOPART is your premium supplier for particle analysis. From sample splitters and rotating sample dividers to test sieve maschines, dynamic image analysis and evaluation software, you will find an all-encompassing product range with us.

Made in Germany. Our quality promise.

With NEXOPART you benefit from the long experience and competence of our parent companies. With our own production in Oelde and in Gersthofen, Germany we start into the next era of particle analysis. Bundled competence and experience for your success.

Strong roots. And no limit to the top.

The foundation of NEXOPART is based on a hundred years of partnership between Hosokawa Alpine AG and Haver & Boecker oHG. Both companies have decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of products and measuring equipment in particle analysis. More than 80 years of test sieves from Haver & Boecker and more than 60 years of efficient air jet sieving from Hosokawa Alpine are the benchmark for unique know-how and consistent premium quality in the market. Both parent companies are 100% behind the joint subsidiary. Thus, from now on, NEXOPART, as a specialized premium supplier, carries all products from the field of particle analysis under one roof.

You are more than important to us.

Now you certainly have questions. In the following, we will provide you with all relevant information about the new foundation of NEXOPART. But one thing in advance: Your usual contact person will still be there for you!

General Information

Why a new brand has been created?


With the establishment of NEXOPART, we want to usher in a new era for laboratories worldwide in the field of particle analysis. For this purpose, Hosokawa Alpine AG and Haver & Boecker oHG have combined their competencies and parts of their product portfolios. To communicate the new set-up clearly inside and outside the company, we have created a new brand, NEXOPART, which makes the advantages and synergies tangible for you as a customer in the long term.

What does the brand stand for?


NEXOPART as a joint venture combines the agility and innovative spirit of a start-up with the experience, competence and stability of the parent companies. Through the segment merger and the associated specialization, NEXOPART is a new international premium supplier in the field of particle analysis and laboratory technology.

What does the name NEXOPART stand for?


The name NEXOPART tells the brand story in its shortest form:
The breaking of new ground in the field of particle analysis. In this context, innovative and customer-oriented solutions are to set new standards for the "next era" of laboratory work. As a pioneer, NEXOPART stands for the "next generation" in the field of particle analysis in the laboratory of the future.

What is the story behind the new slogan "Simplicity for your lab"?


Our international brand claim sums up the promise of the brand. "Simplicity for your lab." NEXOPART stands for simplicity and reliability as well as competent solutions and products from one source. As a trusted premium partner for laboratories around the world, NEXOPART will radically simplify everyday laboratory work.

Who is Hosokawa Alpine AG?


Hosokawa Alpine AG is a world-leading, innovative machinery and equipment manufacturer headquartered in Augsburg, Bavaria. Founded in 1898, the company now has several subsidiaries in Germany and abroad and has been part of the Hosokawa Micron Group since 1987.

The core competence of the Hosokawa Alpine Group is the manufacturing of machines and systems for processing and handling of powders, granulates and bulk materials, as well as systems for the extrusion of blown films.

Who is Haver & Boecker oHG?


Haver & Boecker oHG is a global company with more than 50 subsidiaries and 150 agencies in the wire weaving and machinery manufacturing sector. Founded in 1887, Haver & Boecker has become a pioneer and technological leader. Headquartered in Oelde, Westphalia, the company is active on all five continents. Haver & Boecker oHG comprises the Wire Weaving and Machinery Divisions. The core competences are the development and sales of woven wire cloth and woven wire cloth products as well as the engineering and production of processing equipment, plants and services.

When was NEXOPART officially launched on the market?


April 1st, 2023 the new brand NEXOPART entered the market as a specialized premium supplier in the field of particle analysis.

How is the easiest way to contact NEXOPART?


You can contact your already known personal contacts as usual or simply write us an email to info@nexopart.com.

Where is NEXOPART located?


The company has two locations.
The main location with the particle analysis area and production is in Oelde, Germany.
The air jet sieve machine manufacturing was relocated from Augsburg to Gersthofen, Germany.


Has the companies name changed?


Yes, the particle analysis division of Haver & Boecker oHG and the laboratory device air jet sieve e200 LS of Hosokawa Alpine AG became NEXOPART GmbH & Co. KG.

Has the commercial register number changed?


Yes, the new register number for NEXOPART GmbH & Co. KG is: HRA 11571

Has the tax identification number changed?


Yes, the new tax identification number for NEXOPART GmbH & Co. KG is: DE355 980 833

Is NEXOPART the same legal entity as the parent companies?


No, NEXOPART is a GmbH & Co. KG.

You can download the imprint here.


Did the bank details changed?


Yes, our new bank details are now: Landesbank Baden-W├╝rttemberg, IBAN DE21 6005 0101 0002 3607 55, BIC SOLADEST600

Where is the head office located?


The address of the head office is:
NEXOPART GmbH & Co. KG, Ennigerloher Str. 64, 59302 Oelde, Germany


Did the postal address change?



Ennigerloher Str. 64,
59302 Oelde,


Augsburger Str. 164,
86368 Gersthofen,

Did the e-mail boxes changed?


Yes, we changed our mails  from e.example@haverboecker.com to e.example@nexopart.com.

You can download the new e-mail addresses here.

Did the phone numbers changed?


Does NEXOPART have its own website?


Yes, you will find us online at www.nexopart.com.

Products and Services

Did the new brand changed day-to-day business operations?


No. You will still receive our high quality standard of products and order processing.

Will my login data for the e-shop change?


Please clarify this in detail with your responsible contact person or contact info@nexopart.com.

Which products and services does NEXOPART carry?


Since April 1st, 2023 the following products are in the NEXOPART portfolio:

  • Sample reduction: sample splitter, rotating sample divider
  • Test sieves
  • Test sieve maschines: air jet sieve machine e200 LS, EML 200-450, UWL
    400, RO-TAP
  • Dynamic image analysis: CPA
  • Sieve cleaning
  • Evaluation software
  • Service and maintenance of all machines

Which products and services remain with Haver & Boecker?


  • Test sieve cloth according to DIN ISO 3310/ASTM E11 in rolls
  • Test sieve cloth according to DIN ISO 3310/ASTM E11 as cut-to-size parts
  • We will inform you separately about your new contact person

Will the product designs and names change?


Not yet. The products will initially appear in the old design and will be adapted step by step. However, the products already carry the NEXOPART name.

Business Partner

How can I find my contact person?


Is there a new price lists?


Yes, you can request a complete price list in PDF format for the new and extended NEXOPART product range at sales@nexopart.com.

Is there a new ordering process?


Yes, everything is handled by NEXOPART. Your contact person has new contact details, the e-Shop has a new web address.

What are the advantages of the new ordering process?


Due to the segment specialization, all processes will be linked across the entire product portfolio from now on. In addition to faster delivery times, this also results in better product availability. This is a major advantage for ordering test sieves in particular. By bundling the entire product portfolio, we can respond promptly to questions or service cases and immediately connect you with the relevant contact person if required. This results in even better service and an optimized ordering process.


Who will be your business partner in the future?


As of April 1st, 2023, all activities from the above-mentioned divisions will run under the company name NEXOPART. Accordingly, NEXOPART GmbH & Co. KG will also be your business partner.
For this purpose we would like to ask you to create a new customer master in your system. You will find the relevant information on company headquarters, tax number, etc. in the Legal tab. 

Who is your contact person for NEXOPART purchasing?


Markus Gieske
Telefon: +49 (0)2522 59084 832
E-Mail: m.gieske@nexopart.com

What is the invocing address of NEXOPART?


NEXOPART has its head office at the location "Werk 2" of Haver & Boecker oHG.

Ennigerloher Str. 64
59302 Oelde

Does NEXOPART have an e-mail address for receiving invoices electronically?


Yes, you can use the following e-mail: invoicecontrol@nexopart.com.

What is the delivery address of NEXOPART?


Ennigerloher Str. 64
59302 Oelde


Augsburger Str. 164
86368 Gersthofen

How does the transfer of the business from Haver & Boecker oHG and Hosokawa Alpine AG to NEXOPART GmbH & Co. KG take place?


Operational start of NEXOPART was April 1st, 2023.
This means that from this date you will receive all inquiries, orders, quantity contracts, etc. from the new company, which will then also be your contractual partner.

Orders from Haver & Boecker oHG or Hosokawa Alpine AG that have not been delivered by the operational start will be cancelled by Haver & Boecker oHG or Hosokawa Alpine AG and you will receive a new order from NEXOPART GmbH & Co. KG.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to take the time to answer them.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail at sales@nexopart.com. Of course, you can also contact your existing contact person at any time using the usual contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.